Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Day of Rock Band...

Since we are on a brief break from school, the kids have been entertaining themselves today with Rock Band. I've been letting them play it way too long because it is one of those rare things that they all can do together. Jackson plays guitar. Ashton sings. Wesley drums, and Will dances. Mommy does dishes and laundry. Good times.

As I did the dishes I was also doing a little eavesdropping. As Jackson was resting from his 294 note streak (a proud accomplishment), Ashton said, "Jackson, come one when are we gonna do another jig?"

He laughed, and I thought he was about to correct her and tell her it was called a gig when he said, "Yeah hip people call it a jig."

I was laughing at the use of the word hip when I heard even more wisdom from my son.

"Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and Elvis is the King of Rock-N-Roll. I don't know who the king of Hip Hop is. Mom, who is the King of Hip Hop?"

To which I replied, "Me." I'm sure you can imagine the snorting and laughing that ensued. You're probably doing some of your own right now.
Homeschool curriculum: history of music- check!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack Jack #1...

We planned a great birthday evening. Like all special Dodd Days it began at Pancho's! Ashton was proud to give him the card she made:

I was proud to give him the song writing notebook I made him. I covered a notebook with some cool rock star scrapbooking paper. He's been wanting a place to write down the songs he writes. I love his songs and am so excited he'll have a place to save them.

Then we headed to T-R-US to buy him what he's been begging for- roller blades! He was so excited about these, and I'm just hoping they aren't followed by an emergency room visit!

Perhaps the most exciting gift was that we're finally giving him what he's been asking for since he was 3: guitar lessons! Even more exciting Uncle Gary had his old guitar restrung for Jackson. This guitar traveled all over the country with Gary playing all types of places and concerts. Jackson was thrilled to be getting a "real" guitar:

Altogether it was a perfect birthday where lots of his dreams came true!


Every night on the kids' birthday eve I have my picture taken with them holding up their fingers for how old they are, for a few more hours anyway. Sometimes it feels like the only picture I get in during the year!

Of course, we always have the traditional cinnamon roll in the shape of their new number. I can't believe next year I'll be making double digits- wow!

Wesley had to get in on the love:

Apparently, everyone wants to love on the new 9 year old:

We started off with a fun day and are planning a lot more when Daddy gets home.

Photo Shoot, 9 Year Old Style...

I remember when photo shoots with this sweet boy were, well sweet! Now he requests this:

Help me...