Friday, March 28, 2008

Babies For Hire...

Can't find the back to that earring? Missing small toy guns or Barbie shoes? Really need that dime that fell out of your purse?

Don't spend your time looking for all these things! Just hire the dynamic duo of Wiggling Will and Wrestling Wes to find all these things for you. They'll put their new pincher grip to work and find any and all small choking hazzards your floor can hold. With their not-quite-crawling-but-scooting-rolling-and-flipping anywhere, they are able to get amazingly far under all couches, tables and chairs!

Not convinced, just read this testimonial: "I'm not just their mom, I'm also a satisfied customer. Why just this morning, they found fruit bar wrappers I thought my big kids had thrown away days ago! What really keeps them busy is their new spring special-check it out!"

Spring Special: Thought you picked up all that plastic Easter grass?Don't be so sure. This amazing duo can find minute pieces invisible to the naked eye!

So, call soon (and be prepared to keep them for a while as their mom takes any chance she has a babysitter to go to the new Target!).

*All proceeds go to buy their mom who can't figure out how in the world she is going to fit three daily vacuumings into her already too busy day!

Additional funds will also go into a savings account to pay their deductable on the inevitable trip (or 2!) to the emergency room to extract a Lego or Polly Pocket piece!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Fun...

As with all holidays, we packed lots of fun traditions into the weekend including dying eggs! I love when they love each other and pray it continues!
The boys thought they were for eating, of course.
Three years ago Jon taught them that the cracked ones were for throwing. Now, they break them on purpose and would rather have an egg fight than decorate them. Whuch is fine until one gets thrown at me and my good camera...
Everyone who saw Ashton Sunday wanted to know how her hair got so curly. We did it old school! While we watched out new movie, Enchanted, I rolled her damp hair around my finger and pinned it with bobbie pins. It worked a little too well as she was REALLY curly Sunday, but it's beautiful today now that it has relaxed a little. She loved it, and that's all that matters!
The Easter bunny might have gotten a little carried away this year, or maybe he started picking up stuff here and there 2 months ago and didn't realize how much he had until he went to try and fit it in a basket!
At certain times it still shocks and overwhelms Jon and I that we have 4 children like when these baskets spread across the entire fireplace!
As usual, Will is the first to dive in even though it was into his sister's basket!
Ashton loved her Webkinz and all the scrapbooking stuff the Easter bunny must have really had fun buying!
I love this picture. Wesley is eating (of course), and Will is cutting his eyes with a guilty look to see if we are noticing that he's getting into his basket! I anticipate seeing that look much more!
Star Wars stuff is always a hit!
How beautiful!Our coordinating family- what fun! Notice Jon's pink shirt that his daughter talked him into wearing.
After church, it's onto Easter lunch and egg hunt with the Barker Bunch. Ashton and Alexis getting some loot.
Silly boy!
One of my favorite pictures EVER- my beautiful girl and my good-looking baby brother!
Hope your Easter was as perfect as mine!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I asked a friend to take my babies' six month pictures. She laughed at me and asked why I couldn't take them myself. I told her that I couldn't handle outfits, location, lighting, and 2 babies all at the same time. Being the wonderful friend that she is, she agreed but didn't seem convinced I needed her. Well, after a 4 hour-literally- photo shoot later, I think she believes me now. It was wonderful to have her worry about angles and lighting while I became, as they call it in Hollywood, a baby wrangler and tried to keep Wesley from falling out of a chair,Will from crying, and acting like a general nut to get smiles!

I have obviously left this gifted pgotographer and sweet friend unnamed becaue frankly, I want to keep her all to myself :) After you see the following gorgeous pictures you'll understand why!

So, get comfortable because I believe I have set a blogspot record for number of photos, but this is as far as I could narrow the hundreds she took down! Feel free to leave a comment about which ones are your favorites because I need help deciding which ones to get printed!

#1: Of course, we had to check the lighting on someone first and you know my little model readily agreed! #2: Will was looking so cute we shot him in his pj's before I could even change him!
#3: The happiest of all my children, Wes the Mess.
#5: A somber moment. What could he be thinking? So beautiful!
#6: It is REALLY hard to get 2 7 month olds to sit up close to one another and smile at the same time, REALLY hard!
#7: I love Wesley's foot in the corner.
#9: I don't know if you can truly see the beauty of his eyes, but WOW!
#11: Don't let the beautiful pictures fool you, Will lived up to his nickname of Will the Pill by not wanting to smile. This picture is vintage Will.
#12: I was so excited to see that this picture showed his little bitty tooth. It just poked through last week, and I have been trying to get a picture.
#14: The pictures in this chair are extra precious because this was my chair when I was a little girl.
#18: Look at him studying his hands. He's going to be my thinker.
#23: What's the verdict, do we look anything alike?
#24: How about this one?
#25: Another one with the beautiful blue eyes!
#26: I love his stinky, little feet!
#28 Unfortunately, Wesley konked out before we could get pictures of them in these darling casual outfits, but I like the sleeping pic too!
#29: Will was working the hat, just one of MANY, MANY being his father's son.
#30: He's such a high maintenance stinker, but I love him to pieces!#31: I saved the best for last:
When we saw this we laughed so hard an unnamed little girl literally wet her pants at the kitchen table (I'm so glad she can't read that I shared that!).
I wish it was bigger because it looks like Will is letting it all out and Wesley is looking at him like he's a maniac!

#32: Wesley pats him on the back to tell him it's going to be ok. And that, for those of you who hung through ALL these photos, clearly show my 2 boys' personalites!! Perfect finish!!!!