Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our New Pet...

Will has this awful raspy voice and cold right now. At Jackson's ballgame Monday apparently someone said, "He's getting a little hoarse." Well, these boys don't miss a thing.
Wesley and Will got so excited.
Wesley asked Will, "Will you gettin' a little horse?"
Will excitedly replied, "Yeah!!!"

Great, how do I get out of this one because, trust me, they won't forget!
Will was watching TV the other day and saw a commercial for a Mickey Mouse train. He's so cute now when he sees a toy he like on TV he says, "Mommy, dat fun!!!"
He told me we needed to go to the store to get him the train. When I told him we had to save some money first, he went and found the $2 bills my dad gave them for their birthday, held them in his hand and said, "I ready."
Santa, get ready to bring a Mickey Mouse train and a horse???

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And Then There Were Three...

A few weeks ago there happened a thing called dove season. Then a certain little excited girl found out she was old enough to go. She wore camo for the next 4 days!
I love these pictures because she took them herself.

Sadly, Daddy is the only one who bagged a bird (only because I wasn't there to shoot it first- seriously, there's been precedent. Ask him about the last time we went dove hunting :)

Look how happy my sweet girl is:

She's actually now old enough to also deer and turkey hunt, but Daddy won't let her because she can't be quiet!!!
We didn't get her a lifetime license like we did the boys (not a sexist decision just a mommy who quit work when she was born). Now I'm wishing we had.
I always dread hunting season because it means I'll be a "hunting widow" and stuck with a snoozing man when he is home. Then I realized if the kids start going with him I'll be home alone! Thus the title "and then there were three" and me counting down the days until the boys are old enough to go! I am 34 months away from loving hunting season!

At Least I Tried...

Me: (while making a wish list on Amazon) I think for this year we are only going to get three gifts from Santa because Jesus only got three gifts.

Jackson: How about we get lots of gifts because God has given us many gifts...

Outsmarted by a 9 year old. Won't be the last time I'm afraid!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pancho's After Church Conversation...

Me: Ashton, did you have a Bible story about Moses today and learn one of the names of God.

Ashton: We talked about Moses, bu they didn't teach me about the name of God. I know it though.

Me: You do know it?

Ashton: Yeah, it's Yahoo.

Me: (giggling hysterically) I think you mean Yahweh!

Love her, and it was fairly close for a 7 year old :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Been Peeing Long...

You know that old poster "been farming long?"? I thought this shot of my two potty training boys looked like a really bad version of that:
So cute, but probably wrong. Sorry new college student neighbors across the street!

Extreme Torquois Makeover...

Since the boys have a new room we couldn't leave our girl out. She's been begging for a room redo to reflect her new devotion to turquoise. Since I'm not ready to redo her beautiful as is room, we decided to add a few turquoise touches (and cross our fingers that would appease her).
So, what do Jon and I do on a very rare night when all four of our children are spending the night with Gram? We go to Target and spend a lot of money on new furniture and turquoise accessories then stay up half the night redoing her room. Crazy huh? But well worth it for this:

Poor middle child really does get the shaft a lot so it does my heart good to do something special for her. Besides, she's very appreciative:

Didn't it come out beautiful? The best addition was her own desk since she's always doing art when she's supposed to be sleeping :)

Everyone loves her new room. Some people even sneak out of their own beds giving their moms who can't find them a heart attack while they sleep peacefully in new turquoise sheets :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tea Party Fit For My Princess...

I've always wanted to have tea party at my Grandmother's house for my baby girl. Now that she's 7 I figured they are old enough to trust with my china :)

When I pitched the idea to her she was so excited. So we began some fun planning. The colors obviously had to be pink and turquoise since that's what she's all about these days.
Mommy even splurged and found the perfect turquoise outfit. Donnie came through with a rocking flower bow complete with feather- perfect.

I think everything came out absolutely beautiful:

I even got to pull my Old Country Rose wedding china out of hiding:

I bought the tulle and the centerpiece, but everything else my Grandmother had in her never ending collection of antiques. It was fun going through all her stuff and planning everything.

This was the most fun part. While digging through Grandmother's china hutch I found all these old flowers Donnie made for my wedding. They actually held bird seed that people flung at us :)

I put them in her vases and they looked great. It was neat to put such a sentimental decoration out at my girl's party :)

At their place each girl found water with floating flowers and a goodie bag. Donnie made them each a Coke top necklace with their initials in them. They were so cute. I wish I had taken a picture, but you can see them daily on Ashton!

My girl and I waiting for the guests to arrive. We met them at the front door to make it a little more formal. Ashton was excited to greet them all.

Donnie sweetly agreed to be our fancy waitress for the day.

Ashton decided the week before that this needed to be a bring your doll party, so everyone showed up with a little friend. Ashton was accompanying her newest American Girl Molly.
First there was sweet Abi who Ashton calls sister since they both only have brothers!
Miss Maggie was next wearing the color of the day which she got Ashton obsessed with (not to mention Taylor Swift- thanks Mags):
Mia hitched a ride because it wouldn't be the perfect party without her:
Chloe was also sporting our featured color and even decked out her doll in some rocking high heels:
Our newest friends arrived last, but this sweet Hannah adds a lot of sweetness and laughter to the party:
I was afraid Heidi might think she was too old for a 7 year old birthday, but her sweet spirit never thought so. She was fun to have there:
I hadn't planned on the boys being a part of the day, but they had other ideas:
I heart this shot of all these beauties. I thank God for these lovely inside and out girls who are such a blessing to my girl's life. My fervent prayer is that she will always have such godly, sweet friends who lift her up- hopefully, she'll still have these exact same ones!
Oh, and Wesley who obviously wanted to be a beauty as well:
It was soon tea time. They were all so sweet trying to use their best manners (except for that one girl who shall remain anonymous who shares her mothers need for milk while eating sweets and ended up drinking it out of the creamer. I'm not telling, but it was hilarious.).
Of course, they had to toast the birthday girl. (I exhaled when despite all the clinking, all glasses remained whole.)
Ashton and Jackson had a plan for entertainment. Jackson showed up dressed as Mrs. Nesbit (just like Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story). Ashton and her peeps thought he was funny, and my son will do anything for a laugh (wonder where he gets that from).
Unfortunately, he's corrupting the next generation, i.e. Wesley:
Grandmother allowed the girls to play in her antique hat collection. It started the giggling all over again:
There was lots of hat swapping:
I was teaching them about how old the hats were. Heidi had me giggling saying, "I have a 100 year old feather in my mouth."
At this point Jackson had fully joined the festivities with some napkin tricks he learned
at Disney World:
The Cake Man (wonderful daddy) had a new trick in his repertoire this time- fondant. After much trial and a very helpful You Tube tutorial, we figured it out and made each girl their own cake in alternating colors:
She was one happy girl although it was funny watching them figure out how to eat fondant and still use their best manners :)
Next up was a craft because you know Mommy is all about a themed craft. I was a little worried about what craft I could find that matched the theme when Ashton and I struck gold at Hobby Lobby. We found miniature tea sets for dolls that can be painted. It was perfect and these girls made some beautiful creations although I was so scared they were going to get the ceramic paint on their best dresses!
Fondant wears a man out. He slept soundly through craft and play time which the girls thought was funny.

What a fun day. I wish Girl's birthday came along more than once a year! Anyone notice besides throwing an awesome tea party I also dodged the sleepover bullet? Yeah, I rock!

Wordless Wednesday...

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