Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well, That's a New One...

Tonight Jon only read the twins one book because it was so late when they got to bed.

Then Wesley informed Jon that, "Jesus said we could have 2 books."

Jon asked if he had talked to Jesus.

Without missing a beat Wesley said, "Yeah, he was at our school. He wore white and He was perfect! And He had a beard in his nose like you."

So, that's a new bedtime excuse around here, and believe me we thought we'd heard them all.

Apparently, I need to keep an eye on Wesley because the morning after his t-ball practice I told the lazy thing he had to put his own clothes on. Then he told me, "My coach said that you had to dress me."

Yep, I'm definitely keeping my eye on that one...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My 10-AGER...

When my nephew Jordan turned 10 he got all excited that he was finally going to be a TEN-ager Smile  So, that has become a big milestone in our family now, and I can’t believe my little baby is there now!
We have a tradition of taking a picture with Mommy the night before their birthday holding up their age for the last time before they officially add another finger! I always have to celebrate lasts- the last year in single digits. That’s a big one!
He still is my snuggler, most of the time any way!
I love this sweet boy. He has an amazing heart and sense of justice. He doesn’t like to see anyone abused (unless it’s him doing the abusing- but let’s focus on the positive here!). He still loves to learn and always asks questions. He still maintains that he wants to be a veterinarian. He has a talent for math and science and only likes to read nonfiction. He is adored by all his siblings (again, most days any way) and really enjoys children. He still loves baseball and is one of the top pitchers on his team.
His daddy and I are so proud of him and are excited to celebrate a decade as parents with the sweet boy who made us a mommy and daddy.

Does Your Table Have These Underneath?

I'd heard there was an infestation of ice cream sneaking, spoon in the toes three year olds under kitchen tables lately, or is that just me?

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Just Hanging Out...

I don't know how these things always seem to happen in this house:

but I'm pretty sure one day my kids are going to tell their kids about how their mom always had to grab her camera and take a picture for the blog before she rescued them :)

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