Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spiderman Saves the Day...

There are 4 types of kids when it comes to putting on costumes, and I happen to have 1 of each:

1. The kid who just puts it on to get a laugh and act goofy (that would be Jackson- and Jon too)

2. The kid who does it to look beautiful and pose for pictures (obviously, that would be Ashton)

3. The kid who will barely put the costume on and never leaves it on long enough for a picture to be taken (much to my disappointment that is Will)

4. The kid who doesn't just put the costume on but becomes the character:

My Wesley gets full into character. He's obviously a method actor, except he doesn't admit that he's acting! It's very handy to have a superhero for a son. When your other child gets stuck and can't peddle up the driveway Spider Man runs to save the day!
Look at that face of concentration!!!
He also rescues pets as well:
Best of all, he makes us all smile with his constant imagination and the seriousness with which he takes on saving the world. While I've never considered myself a big Spidey fan, I'm the president of this one's fan club!

Junior Daddy...

Ashton came downstairs the other day dressed like this and informed us that she was "Junior Daddy". She then proceeded to follow Jon every where and do her best impersonation of him. The impersonation consisted of lots of talking on her phone-what should that tell Jon???? I love Daddy and his Junior very much- too much cuteness!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Favorite Foto Friday...

There are so many things that scare me about this photo. I can assure you that the bikini has been disposed of and hopefully we'll never see another one??????

When I wore that shawl to church every Sunday in the 80's I could've never imagined its future: I love the look on his face. The little ray even makes this look cute: Leave it to Wesley to make a face to match the hair- my little ham!
As usual, there's never a dull moment around here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Probably Owe the Neighbor's a Dry Cleaning Bill...

Sometimes when we have a big project going on and need to concentrate the kids ask us if they can do something we would normally think better of and we absently agree. Case in point, Ashton asked can I paint a big box blue? All well and good until the innocent neighbor girl came over and became a victim of the turquoise paint.

The problem comes when you paint yourself into a corner- literally.

I wrongfully assumed they were using a paintbrush???

Sorry the neighbor's new outfit was an innocent bystander, but it did buy Jon and I a few hours to get our own projects done. Totally worth it, pretty much.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watch Out Jonas Brothers...

Everyone loves the Jonas Brothers. There's something kind of cool about brothers with talent, but twin brothers would be an all new angle, right. I had it all planned out- millions of adoring fans, a life of touring the country, them dedicating every song to their amazing mom....yes, I had such dreams. Then their mother's day out program happened: At least they have something in common: They're still cute though:
OK, so maybe the world tour is on hold for now, but I'm pretty sure they were still dedicating their performance to their awesome mom:
Who needed to see the world any way...