Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me..

What did I get for my birthday?

1. a green IPOD Nano from Jon and Donnie (it was to be pink but green is MY color)
2. a promise of overnight babysitting from my mom
3. a necklace from Ashton which she even wrapped on her own
4. flowers from Jon delivered to school
5. aggravating from Jackson
6. homemade cards from my class
7. a "Chicken Dance" singing card, a "to be spent on me" check, and date night babysitting from in-laws
8. a cold Coke and much needed M&M's from sweet Kyla
9. homemade cupcakes from my team members
10. from the county my first real check in 5 years
11. homegrown watermellon from my dad
12. cards and phone calls (which I missed since I spent my birthday night at a ballgame) from both Grandmothers and my sister
13. the cutest peek-a-boo game ever with Will
14. and for the grand finale: Wesley walked, stood up on his own and walked about 7-8 steps!

Yeah me!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's the Small Things...

As I was enjoying a little 1 on 2 time (hey, when you have 4 one-on-one time is virtually unheard of and even one-on-two time is a gift), I was of course reading some blogs and the boys were sitting in front of me on the floor. Will found a Wendy's napkin under the couch (Wendy's stock is probably on a major upswing since I went back to work!). As I sat and watched, Will tore the napkin in half and gave Wesley half. Wesley took it and said, "tank chew" (i.e. thank you in his adorably sweet voice). Surely, you get what a big deal this moment was. Just five minutes earlier I was again watching them fight tooth and nail over a bottle. Every time this happens I am torn between the urge to break it up and the typically stronger urge to video it for future reference. So, to see them voluntarily sharing was so sweet and a mental picture I will need to hang on to it the terrible twos time two fast approaching! So, kudos to my sweet boys for sharing and using nice manners. I will think warmly of this moment even when you bite me as I am fishing around your mouths for pieces of yellow Wendy's napkin!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vocabulary Homework Not Needed...

Ashton was complaining that she didn't want to do her homework.

Me: Ashton remember last year when Jackson would do his homework and you would beg me to give you some homework?

Ashton (yelling with tears in her eyes): Yeah, but since then I have realized that homework is dumb and boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hi, My Bloggy Friends- I Miss You...

I wish I had some cool posts a brewin'. I mean I would be happy to even have ideas for them. Pre-2nd grade I would lay awake at night composing blog entries in my head, seriously! Now I lay in bed and do lesson plans in my head, that is if I don't fall immediately asleep. I have still been lurking most of your blogs and really miss being in the circle. Maybe I'll be back soon. I have great pictures of the awesome weekend we had last week, but no time to download them.

After being at school for 13 hours today, it ain't going to be tonight either. I have been so tired and remembering how teaching takes everything out of you that I have seriously resigned myself to finding another profession and bronzing the ole' teaching license, then tonight...

Tonight I actually had a lot of fun working my booth at Cheetah Fest because I got to hang out with my students. I totally love kids, and it was fun to just talk with them because it is so sad that during the school day I don't get to do near enough of that with being constantly pulled in a dozen directions (please pause here to admire the length of that sentence. It's almost as good as the papers I grade with one period at the end of an entire story!). So, I did enjoy my time with my students, but I could be the cool mom and still get to hang out with kids, then tonight...

I am standing in a long line to get my pizza at Cheetah Fest when this teenager comes up to me. She says, "Mrs. Dodd!" I look past the piercing and teenager make-up, and I see a child's face I remember. She quickly told me her name, but I think I would've gotten it given a minute to think because I have never not known the name of one of my former students (I'm very proud of that record, but in my defense I only had this girl for reading). Then she said it, "You were the teacher who made me love reading."

If you are not a teacher you may not get the profoundness of this statement, but trust me it is SO what it is all about. It makes everything worth it. So, there I stand hugging this beautiful girl, tearing up and thinking I might not bronze that certificate after all.

It would indeed be a lovely post if it ended here, but...

Then one of my former students comes along with his child that is in my daughter's class! Yeah, you do the math. I had him in 4th grade not long enough ago. I'm really hoping she's his stepdaughter, or he wasn't who I thought he was because I didn't have the guts to talk to him! Wow! This is for AJ and MK: remember a certain red head with freckles who I once gave a jar with 10 cotton balls in it and told him to give me 1 every time he asked me a question and when they were gone he couldn't ask me anymore? Yes, I know not my finest teaching moment, but you so had to be there!I guess I totally ruined the "awwww" factor I had going with the previous student story. Oh well, Aj will back me up on that one!

Anywho, I'm tired and rambling. I for one am glad to be out of gas and not able to go anywhere this weekend!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday...

No, we're not in fancy clothes, but that is why I love it. This was taken this summer, the good ole' days when we were all home all day. When we could stay in our pj's. When naps (by me) were a possibility. When I didn't feel too tired to move. The golden days indeed, how I miss them!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Guess What My Student's Dog Did...

That's right, the first day homework was due in my new classroom, and I was told the dog probably ate her math paper. Seriously? I mean in the history of the world how many times do you think a dog has truly eaten someone's homework? What makes that ok anyway? Are we supposed to say, oh well if the dog ate then by all means go in peace.

Then there was the fact that another teacher's class was in my room while I wasn't there, and the principal came on the intercom asking for me and I heard them all yelling, "She's not in here. We don't know where she is." Great. The principal thinks I'm out to lunch on the 3rd day no less! Needless to say when I explained it to her she laughed it off. She is so great to work for and is making things so much easier! And I'm not even just saying that in fear that she will read my blog!

Today was pioneer day which translates into the fact that I had to teach about pioneer food 7 times to all of the second grade classes. It was exhausting! I had to chop apples, pass out dried fruit, bake and dish out baked beans all day. All in all it was really fun, but I left the baked bean covered crock pot soaking in my room, so the fun isn't over yet, yeah weekends at school!

Yesterday, I shared a Jackson story, so here's Ashton. I love getting to see her in the hallway because the kindergarten way of walking down the hall is "hips and lips" which is too darn cute because my girl is working it!

Today she told me, "When do I get to come volunteer in your classroom?" I guess in 5 year old world since I volunteer in her classroom, she should volunteer in mine! She continued, "The next time you do a craft I could come be your helper. I could teach your kids how to do crafts like teach them how to cut with scissors like a grown up." It never crossed her mind that 5 year olds don't usually teach 7 year olds!

If I can just get up there this weekend to clean and organize to my liking, next week should be awesome, for me anyway! The kids' chatty days are about to come to a sad end or they're going to loose some turtles (sure, it sounds funny but strikes fear into the kids because to lose one's turtle is a fate worse than...who knows, let's just hope it works!).

There are the stories of the day (at least the ones I can share and keep my job!), and I didn't think I'd have anything to blog about!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...

Is It Worth It...

So, I now remember the answer to the age-old question, do teachers get paid enough? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Today was my first full day. I am beyond tired, ridiculously overwhelmed, and my throat hurts terribly because fussing at 4 kids all day doesn't strengthen your vocal cords enough to say, "Use your 6 inch voices please" 567 times!

So, is it worth it? Let's just say 12 weeks suddenly seems like an eternity, but they really are some sweet kids.

I haven't received the golden paycheck yet, but am pretty sure that won't make it worth it, but...

Conversation overheard between Jon and Jackson:

Jon: Is it nice having your mom at school?

Jackson: Yeah, it's great! All day long I could look across the cubby room and see her teaching, and it felt good. You know how like you could get scared because you don't know the answer to a math problem or something? Well, I'd look over and just see mommy, and it made me feel all better and not scared any more.

OK, worth it (but still excited about the paycheck!).