Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Will...

Yeah, he's cute and he knows it!

Where's Waldo, I mean Will and Wesley...

To say that bedtime is a struggle around here would be putting it mildly. Those two have Twin-a-Palooza in their bedroom every night. The worst part is that they don't stay in their room!
We put them back several times until they finally beat us and we lay on the couch and ignore them! Then when Jon and I finally go to bed it's aways a fun bedtime of edition of
"Where's Will and Wesley".
Believe me, we never know where we will find them!
Bedtime-my least favorite part of the day made a little better when I can at least get some funny pictures out of it.
Laugh or cry, right?

Will's Nonsils...

Wesley just started yelling excitedly, "Will has his nonsils back!"
Will ran in hear and said, "You know you had the doctor cut my nonsils out? They grew back!!!" Then opened his mouth wide and made me look.  I had to explain that the dangly thing in the back of his throat wasn't his tonsils, and that they were still gone :)
I love that Wesley was so excited for him!