Sunday, November 4, 2007

Why I Shouldn't Brag...

Any time I see a mom of twins, they always tell me, "Hang in there. It will get better." Cocky me, I'm always like oh, it's not that bad! Honestly, having twins really hasn't been quite as hard as I thought it would be, and then there are nights like last night...
I didn't get home from the band cotest until midnight, but thought I was doing well since I got to fall back an hour. Then I couldn't get to sleep until 2:00. "Whizzing Wesley" woke up at 2:30 having wet his clothes. Then they whined and fussed off and on, which of course woke me up. Then I got up to feed Will at 4:30. As soon as I fell back asleep I was up feeding Wesley when Ashton woke up, and it was all down hill from there. Both babies continued to whine and fuss until Will ended up in the swing and Wesley in bed with me, but the worst part is Ashton proceeded to talk from 5 on. Jon and I finally decided her problem, she has no interior monologue! The worst part is we didn't make it to church. I HATE missing church, but was literally crying when Jon told me it was time to get up. He told me he'd go, but then he got a call from work and had to fix it. I'm sorry we missed but hope what those other moms said is true and it will get better! Last night was beyond miserable! I think it would have been better to just stay up rather than get woken up every time you had just fallen asleep! Any way, I've had breakfast and I'm hopefully going to take a nap! Here's to hoping they sleep through the night tonight and the Hallelujah Chorus is playing inmy head once again!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


I wish you could hear the hallelujah chorus that is playing in my head because...the twins slept through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From 10 to 5! I don't know what caused this miracle, but hope it wasn't a fluke! We think it might be because we fed them ready to feed formula last night instead of the powder kind, and it kept them full longer. Rest assured they will get that kind every night! Jon must be living right because the boys just happened to sleep through the night the night he was going hunting. Then he got a great buck this morning!

You'd think after a full night's sleep, I'd be Mrs. Energetic but instead all I want to do today is sleep, maybe I rememebered how great it is! I'm awake now, but too lazy to do much so I thought I'd post a bunch of cute pics!
I love this one of Daddy and Will.

Will loves his big brother and sister so much. I remember when I had Jackson that his eyes lit up when Jon and I entered the room like they did for no one else. Then when I had Ashton, her eyes lit up like that for Jackson. I was actually jealous! Now I am simply amazed at how Will and Wesley light up when their brother and sister are around. It's like they know at this young age that they are something really special to them! I can't imagine how much they will worship them when they are a little bigger. It worries me though that they'll be jealous of each other or have favorites. I had to have a talk with Jackson and Ashton this morning about not picking a favorite because they'll hurt their feelings as they were fighting over one!

My favorite day of the year is the day we go to Gentry's Farm. The kids have so much fun, and it's my favorite because of the great photo ops! My all-time favs are them on the tire swing. I take it every year and love comparing it! Here's a few from this year.

Everyone always asks what it's like to have twins. I don't think I can describe it, but here's my view as I feed or hold them both. Too cute...

Since the boys have started smiling, we are all a goofy mess around here trying to get them to smile for us. Jon plays, "I'm gonna get you", and I play "Where's Mommy's smile" with camera in hand, of ocurse. Will has actually even laughed a couple of times- so sweet! I look forward to the day they laugh at the same time, video camera get ready! Will grins at anything and everything. He's Mr. Personality, really happy or throwing a fit, while Wesley is like Daddy, Mr. Calm, future pitcher! His smiles are rare but all the more precious for it. Here's a rare one caught on camera...

Enough Dodd cuteness for today! I'm off to my brother's band contest. They are competing in state tonight, which they have won the last 2 years, so wish him luck. I'm really proud of him following in big sis's band footsteps, though his band and their shows are a little cooler! Still, I'm not too embarrased of being a band nerd as I met Jon at band camp, wearing make-up and a bra- him not me! I'm in so much trouble for sharing that! Hee-hee!