Friday, April 27, 2007

My internet is finally working!

I have missed blogging so much! I've had each entry planned out in my mind and my internet was down for 4 days. That was hard-these things are addictive! Though I tend to be wordy, I'm going to condense the days happenings that I missed:

Sunday: In a 2 hour span at my dad's Jackson learned how to ride without training wheels on a smaller bike. Within minutes of his first attempt, he was doing wheelies and spin outs in the gravel earning him the nickname Jackson "Daredevil" Dodd! The scary part is that nickname came from my father bc/ for any of you that know him he's the definition of daredevil. If he thinks my son is, I'm in BIG trouble! God must appoint special gaurdian angels to little boys. I hope he has a few extras for the 2 kicking me like crazy bc/ they'll not only have each other egging them on, but also "Daredevil" Dodd to emulate!

Monday: A and B are very strong babies- just ask the holes in my organs! This experience is the most amazing thing. I can't describe it enough. There's ALWAYS someone kicking me! A is very territorial and if I rest my hands on his side of my stomach or one of the kids lays on me, he starts kicking! At night I am up at least an hour every night waiting for them to settle down. The problem with twins- if I lay on my right side A doesn't like being squished and will kick and fidget. About the time he settles down, my hip is numb so I'll turn over and B will have a fit!

Jackson came home and in a few minutes learned to ride his much bigger bike without training wheels. The downside, he goes so fast but can't stop that well. Being as smart as he is, he improvises and uses things like my car and the lawnmower to stop himself. I was sitting in a chair talking to Ashton on her scooter when he came flying towards us. Somehow with super mom strength I managed to grab her as she fell and stop him from flying on top of her. I was expecting to hear cries but heard them laughing. Jackson had ended up kneeling on her scooter. His bike handles got caught in Ashton's pocket and she ended up with her pants around her ankles!!!! Daredevil's first victim!

Tuesday: This was one of the most exciting, proudest days of my life at Jackson's ball game. Yes, I know it's just a game, but I don't think I've ever seen my child try so hard and shine so bright, so forgive me while I brag- a LOT. They were playing the team that the other teams talk about being so good. Before the game the coach said they like to play 3 outs and done- which is not the rules in 5-6 league. However, after we got at least 6 outs in the first inning, he "forgot" his rule. The entire team was awesome (especially Jackson and Baylor!). We had 3 kids catch balls in the air- NEVER happened before, even once. Jackson did it first at pitcher, and when everyone went crazy he waved to the crowd!!!! Baylor caught one at pitcher and threw it to Jackson at first base and they TURNED A DOUBLE PLAY- at age 6!!! Jackson played 2nd base for really the first time ever and GOT it. He knew to catch the ball and get them out on 2nd. He got at least 3 outs on 2nd alone. Most importantly, he was so fired up. Jon's proudest moment was when he was in the dugout telling Jackson which position to play and Jackson said, "Yes Sir!" and ran to his position. Passion and effort- 2 things you can't teach but are so proud to see in your child! Then at Jon's softball game I guess he was trying to live up to his son's example and I think he's broken his hand (and no, he won't go to the Dr.- if his mom is reading this please feel free to call and fuss at him!).

Wednesday: Nothing too exciting. I spent the whole day in pain bc/ Jon rolled over in the middle of the night and slept through my screams of pain bc/ my leg had been on top of his and he about dislocated my hip!

Thursday: I learned a lot today. Please allow me to share:
#1 Morning sickness being over in the first trimester is a myth.
#2 It's nice to have older kids to hand you wet wash cloths as you have said morning sickenss.
#3 When your daughter tries on her very first tutu for her upcomng ballet recital, it's worth the over $100 you try not to think about the fact that you paid for them to dance to a 2 minute song.
#4 Cravings can be bad. Had my first unhealthy one for Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls (the commercial on TV where the granpa is having a tea party- saw them there). Ate 2 packs when Jon walked in the door with them! Really bad bc/ I see Dr. Stafford in 4 days who fusses at everyone for their weight gain!
#5 NEVER look at a pregnancy website with pics of women pregnant at your stage with your husband and say, "I'm not as big as her." Bc/ said husband might not have the brain capacity and sense God gave him to lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Jon SHOULD have learned: Lying to a pregnant woman surely can't be that bad a sin if it saves you life and hours of fighting. Your response should be "of course not" NOT "Wellllllll, stand up and let me see!!!!"

#2 What Jon SHOULD have learned: When fighting with a pregnant woman, do not look up pregnancy websites and point out that they say you might be moody at this stage!

I'll just stop there bc/ we all know he didn't learn his lesson and I could go on. Maybe I'll just read my last post where I bragged on him. And he thinks I'm moody with emotions up and down.......nah!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

How can I fit 2 more in????

What a busy day today! We started out our day at baseball opening ceremonies at 8:30. Seeing all those big boys looking so handsome in their uniforms made me so excited to be having 2 more boys. I was a little disappointed not to be having another daughter bc/ girl clothes are much cuter, but it's hard to beat a baseball uniform. I told Jon we have like another 16 years of opening ceremonies in our future!

Next, we headed to Target to start our baby registry. The kids loved using the scanner, but about halfway through I noticed I'd lost Jon. He was in a baby aisle about to have a panic attack. He said, "I can't believe we're starting all over again!" It was a little scary how much I'd forgotten (what size bottles and how many do I register for????). It was crazy scanning things at least twice, some things 4 or more times! We could've scanned diapers for 30 minutes!

Then we headed back to the ball field for Jackson's game. It is really amazing what a great team we have as we made it through another game without using the tee. Which brings back my opening question, how am I going to fit 2 more in? Life is so hectic already, what will I do when Ashton has a game and the twins. As we watched cheerleaders wash cars at McD's for a fund raiser, we realized we will have a child in high school, 1 in middle school, and 2 in elementary at the same time. I guess one of the major plusses of having 2 boys is that hopefully they'll be on the same team!

Oh well, despite a few freak outs, what a great day. Isn't it amazing how you suddenly stop and realize that you have everything you ever dreamed of? Though I guilt myself all the time for not being the perfect mom, as Jon and I sat in the kids' fort today having a picnic with them, I realized I am who I always wanted to be. More amazingly, God has blessed me with the most amazing husband and father for my kids, much more than I ever thought I deserved. There you go Jon, I said it on the web. Next time my hormones are raging and I can't think of anything I like about you (which seems to happen lately with this crazy pregnancy- God bless him), you can tell me to go back and read today's post!

Enough mushiness, my swollen ankles and I are going to bed!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jon scanned the ultrasound pic, and I wanted to post the AMAZING one of their heads side by side. It takes my breath away every time I see it! I'm starting to be able to picture their little faces and getting so excited about meeting them, though still praying they stay put for at least 16 more weeks!

I think I won the battle with Ashton this morning. She did dress as a farmer though she wasn't thrilled about it. I did manage to get a few pics though as she loves to pose (I'll post them later as I'm too lazy to download now!). When she got home from school, she was watching Max and Ruby, her favorite show! Ruby had an imaginary friend ans I told her it was just like her imaginary friend, Giraffe-A-Zebra. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "But Giraffe-A-Zebra is real!" I stand corrected! I love her imagination. I'm not so crazy about the fact that every time I won't let her do something she says, "Giraffe-A-Zebra's mom lets her." Jackson had an imaginary friend at her age to called "My Boy." Jon and were so sad when his Boy moved far, far away. So, I guess we hope Giraffe-A-Zebra sticks around for a while. After all, she IS real!

Jon made it home safely. He got home about 3:00. He drove home with absolutley no sleep. He let me think he had checked into a hotel in Knoxville and was sleeping bc/ he knew how much his hormonal wife would worry! So, he went to bed at 8:00 with the kids leaving me alone to blog and watch some silly teenager movie. What an exciting evening!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I should be in bed since it's midnight, but after napping most of the day I'm not tired for some reason??? Jon left right after Jackson's ball game to be at work in Knoxville at 2:00 a.m. It's ridiculous how much we miss him. He misses us a lot too. When we left him at his work, Jackson said,"I'm so sad for Daddy. I bet he's crying right now." I told him it was hard on Daddy bc/ he was by himself and at least we have each other. He replied, "I don't want o be with ya'll. I want to be with Daddy, to make him happy." My sensitive boy! Daddy's ok- we covered him in prayer when we got home, and I just talked to him and he's pulling into Knoxville.

On a funnier note, Ashton is definately her father's daughter. Tonight she said the funniest thing. This is how she measures a week now that it is turkey season, "I told Daddy after all the school days and then the hunting days, we have to take Callan fishing all day." I love that she calls the weekend "the hunting days"! Jackson is already addicted to hunting, and Ashton is the fisher. She has been begging Jon for a month to take her fishing!

Any way, off to bed for me. I have an early and difficult morning of convincing my extra girly daughter to dress like a farmer for farm day at school. She's been telling me for a week that she's not going to dress as a farmer. Tomorrow I'll post who won the clothing battle (like any of you have any doubt it will be certain curly headed girl!).

Monday, April 16, 2007


the ultrasound technician, who does several a day and has for many years, says (and I quote), "This is the wiggliest baby I've ever tried to do!" That was her comment when trying to measure Baby A at our ultrasound this morning! Jon said to keep in mind that that was including the one she told me about last week where the mom drank 3 Mellow Yellows beforehand!
It was amazing to see how much he moved. In fact, he has flipped completely around. He is now head down like Baby B. About 3:00 Saturday night/Sunday morning, I couldn't get to sleep because he was so active. Then I felt my entire stomach move, so I think that must be when he went head down. They are now head to head, but, more importantly, foot to foot. We got to watch them kick each other like crazy. She said they even head butted one another (please begin praying for me now!!!!). Jon's mom came with us and said they definately looked like Dodd brothers since Jon and David fought nonstop!
Baby B cooperated a little more. Not that he's an angel because we would see his feet kick into the screen even while we were looking at A, but I think by the time we went to measure him they were getting a little tired. Baby B did lay still awhile, and we got to watch him suck his thumb. It was the sweetest, most amazing thing. It made me cry!
Believe it or not, we actually got all the measurements needed and both boys look great. They both weigh exactly 1 pound. According to their measurements, Baby B is 21 weeks and 6 days old which is to the day how far along I am. Baby A measured at 22 weeks. I guess all that wiggling has made him one day ahead of his brother! The important thing is that they are growing right on schedule, and they are growing equally. At the very end, she was able to get a picture of them together. It is their 2 little heads right next to each other. It is the sweetest picture ever. As soon as my scanner cooperates, I'll post it. They both look like Jackson did as a baby. They look a little different as Baby B's nose is a little rounder (though that could be due to the angle). It's so neat having an ultrasound so late in my pregnancy as you can really see what they look like. I think looking at their beautiful faces today made me more excited than ever!
Thank you for all your prayers and excitement. God has really been answering our prayers as I haven't had any contractions lately, they are both healthy, and my cervix is still thick and holding! I can't wait until the kids get home so I can show them the video of their brothers fighting!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Busy, but blessed weekend

I'm so excited to finally be doing a new post! I've tried several times and my internet hasn't been working right, and then there was the time I typed a great post only to try and move a picture and lost the entire thing!!!

Just like the rest of you, baseball season combined with Easter made for a CRAZY weekend! The kids actually begged not to go to the church Easter egg hunt bc/ it was so cold! Instead we colored eggs, not my favorite indoor activity- especially since last year Jon taught Jackson how to play catch with the broken ones, and he wanted to play that in the house!

Next, we had Jackson's first ball game which was cold but fun. His team did an amazing job! He played catcher which is not his favorite position as you can see in the pic with the ball whizzing by!

If I do say so myself, the Dodd clan was looking good Easter morning in our matching blue! I wonder if I'll be able to coordinate 6 outfits next Easter???

By far, the highlight of the weekend was Jackson getting baptized. As a baby he was dedicated on Mother;s Day, so why not get baptized on Easter! It was a great moment as we had 16 family members there to witness. He looks a little nervous, but really he was just checking out the crowd to see if he could see people he knew. Jon and I were so proud and thought he did a great job. We really love hearing him explain it to his sister. He understands the gospel better than most of us adults probably!
One of the most moving moments of my life happened just after when I was drying him off in the changing room. I asked him what did it feel like. He looked right in my eyes and in the most sincere, amazed voice I've ever heard said, "It felt like God touched me." The spiritual wisdom of a 6 year old had me bawling. If only the doubters in the world could have looked into his eyes at that moment, they would have seen God shining there!

So, that was our weekend. We survived (poor Jon almost didn't with a hormonal, stressed out wife!) and were reminded that in between the craziness there is a more important reason for Easter.
Glad to be posting again, though I don't like all the pics at the beginning and have more to learn about the blog world! No posts this weekend bc/ I'm heading to a cabin with the girls to scrapbook like I have thousands of pics and 2 more kids and scrapbook subjects on the way- wish me endless energy and productivity, and for those of you who go to our church, please feel free to fix Ashton's hair as Jon will be getting her ready for church Sunday by himself (or at least take a pic of it for me!)!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Getting to know my babies

It's hard enough when you have children remembering who did what when, ex: did Ashton walk earlier or Jackson? But, try having 2 who are at the exact same stage in life doing the exact same type of things, plus since they are in utero, they don't have specific personalities or even faces to put with the memory! Thus, I thought it would be great to do a profile of what I know about each baby so far. Besides, this will help all of you get to know them then maybe you can help in the WE CAN"T AGREE ON NAMES trauma going on around here!

location: my right, head up, feet down
size: at 18 weeks, 8 oz. (1 bigger than his brother)
nicknames: Tom (of Tom and Jerry, we've all called them this since the beginning); Carrot (Ashton is now calling them broccoli and carrot)
habits: morning person- moves more in morning than B

He's my sneaky child. I hardly ever felt him moving and thought he was going to be calmer than his wiggly brother. At our ultrasound at 17 weeks he wouldn't cooperate for a profile shot. Yet at our big, long ultrasound at 18 weeks he wiggled and flipped and turned the entire time. He kicked like a soccer player (Jon is scared that the odds are 1 out of 4 is going to want to play soccer!). Jon kept marveling at how much he was moving and how I couldn't feel what looked to be really strong kicks. It turns out that the way he is laying he has been kicking my placenta so I couldn't feel the kicks. Pretty sneaky for one that young but probably a blessing because I'm not ready to feel as much kicking as he was doing! He moves so much the ultrasound technician was laughing at how wild he was and asked me if I had drank caffeine that day (like a patient she once had who's friend told her to drink 3 Mellow Yellows before her ultrasound so she'd get to see them move, duh!). She ended up not even being able to get all the shots she needed bc/ he was so wiggly!

location: my left side, head down feet up (Jackson giggled at the ultrasound bc/ some pictures show them head to bottom bc/ they are laying different ways!).
size: at 18 weeks, 7 ounces the "little" brother- so far, but it is a GREAT sign that they are about the same size!
nicknames: Jerry (like the mouse, not Jerry Moore who wants to take one of the boys off our hands!), and broccoli
habits: night owl, like Mommy! I stay up later than I should and then when I am ready to finally go to sleep I lay down only to lay there for 30 minutes to an hour while he has his party!

This is my stubborn child (like Mommy again?). He doesn't like it when people crowd him. Once when Jackson was laying on my side, he started kicking him. He's the only one Jon has felt so far (at the aquarium in Gatlinburg) bc/ if you push on him he'll kick- strongly! When I lay down on my left side he starts kicking. He was the first one I ever felt move. In fact, I only felt A move bc/ he kicked him and A kicked back a second later! I've felt his movements for months now. I can feel him easier bc/ his feet are pointing up and a lot of time lodge in my ribs (which I know is only going to get worse as those little feet get bigger!). At our 18 week ultrasound and this week, he had his back turned. He wouldn't turn so we could get a profile shot (1 wouldn't cooperate each time- it doesn't bode well for all those photo shoots I have planned!). She wriggled and shook him and he just kept his back turned! Dr. Woodall Monday had to locate his heart beat from the back bc/ he wouldn't turn around. Still, I feel like I know him better bc/ he does move so often. He makes me smile a lot knowing he's in there just living it up!

So, those are my twins, so far. I can't wait to look back on this years from now and see if their personalites are still like they are now! Feel free to suggest some names, don't make them have to be Tom and Jerry forever- which is what Jackson and Ashton are hoping for- but have you seen what Tom and Jerry can do to a house????????????????

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My new undertaking!

After fervently reading a friend's blog about her journey through adoption, I realized how much I enjoyed sharing in her life even when we're too busy to talk. I also thought what an easy way to record cute things the kids say that I don't want to forget, not to mention things going on with the twins. If you know me, you know the best part will be using this blog for journaling on my scrapbook pages years from now when I get caught up (wishful thinking).
Therefore, I'm posting this here for all of you to share the goings on at the ever-increasing Dodd household. Now I can share with the world the outrageous things that come out of my daughter's mouth, my son's latest adventure, or the incredible number of times the twins kick in one day!