Saturday, February 28, 2009

Medical Confirmation...

I thought I would use this forum on my blog to confirm some rumors that have flying around about current illnesses. I know you have all heardd the rumors that are burning up school nurses' e-mails about what illnesses are currently circulating in the under 10 world. You know the ones I'm talking about "99 teachers were out sick at Longview! 152% of 2nd graders with brown hair have strep throat. Every toddler in a smocked outfit at church had the bird flu!" You get the picture. I thought I would take this moment to address some of these issues.

I know right now you are thinking, "Wait, I know Sonja is a nurse but I thought Tonya was a school teacher. Besides being exposed to every germ under heaven on a daily low-paid basis and knowing the look a 4th grader gives you before they do something in the floor that will embarass them and send you screaming for the janitor before you join them, what does a former school teacher know about current illnesses? Oh yeah, she homeschools too how could she possible be so knowledgeable about what's going on in the schools?"

Let me address my credibility and confirm those rumors all at once with a simple timeline of my week:

Saturday: Jon continues to whine, I mean suffer from "strep throat". Wesley proves all over that he has the stomach bug.

Sunday: After staying home from church so we won't spread or acquire more germs: Will confirms about 10:00 p.m. that he has the stomach flu as well. While Jon and I work frantically to address that situation, Jackson decides to join in on the fun.

Monday: Everyone seeming better, we head to Granda's birthday dinner. We return home where Will decides to reiterate that he in fact does have the stomach flu- on my couch!

Tuesday: Jon comes home early due to my tearful phone call describing how the twins do nothing but cry.

Wednesday: I finally take a lethargic Jackson to the doctor to be told he has the F-L-U!

Thurday: A lazy-get-nothing-done-for-holding-kids-day (and by lazy I in no way mean to imply the relaxing kind of lazy).

Friday: After a sleepless night and a 3 hour SOLID crying fest from Will we head back to the doctor to find out his ear drum burst! Yes, you read that right-burst! Apparently, despite the fact that he ran no fever it was infected enough to burst! Talk about feeling like the Mom of the Year!

Saturday: My mom calls to inform me that Ashton (who was enjoying a little alone time with Gram) is running a 102 temperature with sore throat. I make phone call to doctor's office, "Hey, it's me again. Yes, I know long time no see. Our insurance card number is..oh, you have it memorized. Of course you do."

So, there you have confirmed illnesses by my one family. I hope you realize that if my "unsocialized" homeschoolers can pick up this many germs the rest of you better board the bus with Lysol in hand. You can also kindly send in some Clorox wipes to their teachers. Trust me, they'll love that!

I have to close to go get dressed to drive to you know where for the 3rd time this week. I'm seriously thinking about taking Welsey along just to challenge them to find a different thing wrong with him because I don't think I mentioned (because I didn't want you to think I was whining or else I would have told you that Jon has to be at a manager's meeting 13 hours today, a Saturday, and can't even take phone calls) that Wesley also woke up with a fever and is crying as we speak.

If you've at all enjoyed this medical update feel free to donate to the "Buying Doctor Myers a Beach House One Fifteen Dollar Co-Pay at a Time" fund!

Amen Sister...

Ashton: Mom, I know what my gifts are that God gave me.

Me: That's great. What are they?

Ashton: The gift of ballet because I love it.

Me: I agree you are good at...

Ashton: Oh yeah, and shouting. The gift of shouting.

I had no words for that one. Perhaps I should have been praying yesterday morning instead of mumbling under my breath not nice things when Ashton used her "gift of shouting" to wake up 2 very sick babies who had been up most of the night!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look Who's 18 Months...

OK, actually the twins turned 18 months 2 weeks ago, but there hasn't been much bloggin' going on around here so I'm a little late! As you can imagine, getting a good picture of 2 tots is not the easiest thing in the world. I haven't even scheduled their 18 month portraits yet because I'm dreading it! So, I snapped these at my Grandmother's. This little swing was actually on my playhouse when I was little so I thought it was the perfect place to confine, I mean pose them!

So, 18 things I love about my boys:
1. They LOVE to read! They both bring me books and say, "book". I then have a lap full of snuggly kids who grin the entire time I'm reading!
2. They get ridiculously excited when they see a cat. Wesley says, "neow", and Will screams, "cat!"
3. Most mornings I'm woken up by yells of "Mama, nooooooowww!"
4. I melt at Will's blue eyes and Wesley's curls.
5. They actually get excited and run to the gate when I ask them if they want to go night-night.
6. Anytime I need sympathy from strangers I tell them I have twin 18 month olds!
7. I love dressing them in coordinating outfits- especially Will in blue and Wesley in green.
8. I laugh every morning at how Wesley only has waffles left and Will only has banana left then let them swap and eat each other's leftovers.
9. I love to hear them say Jackson's name and laugh so hard when he plays with them.
10. It is really sweet to watch them run to sit at their table when they see Ashton coming to read them a book.
11. They climb onto the couch, point to the TV and say "Wo Wor" when they want to watch Word World (hey, at least it's educational).
12.When Will's tired he lays his head on your shoulder with his hands behind his back.
13. When Wesley is actually still enough to cuddle he'll sit cheek to cheek with me.
14. You can get them to do anything if you chant, "Go Will. Go Wesley."
15. If they hear music or find a microphone they get their groove on.
16. When a song is over they throw their intrument down, throw their arms up and yell, "Woooo".
17. I have a lot of pride when I realize I survived twins for the last 18 months!
18. They make me laught and love them more each and every day.
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Wordless Wednesday...

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's 9:15 on Thursday Night, What Am I Doing...

You probably think I'm watching my Tiv@, right? My 3 favorite shows in the world came on tonight. Alas, I'm not watching the Office, or My Name is Earl, or Burn Notice although I really wish I was. Instead I am sitting in the kitchen blog stalking and bored to death alone (except for a sleeping dog) with no adult conversation just like the rest of my day. You see my husband is monopolizing the TV playing Wi'i Sports. Don't get me wrong: I totally would respect if he had an urge to get some exercise or wind down after a hard day. However, that is not the case here. First off, he didn't have a hard day. He sat in a seminar for half a day and surprised us by coming home early. I got all excited imagining all I could get done around here with a little help and looking forward to the companionship. Instead, he lay on the couch and took a nap, but I digress.

Back to what he is doing right now. We had family bowling night. before it got started Jackson said he wanted to show me how bad he could beat daddy at tennis. I was changing Wesley's diaper and the game was over before I could really watch because Jackson skunked him! Jon knew tennis is his weakest game, and then came bowling. You see, not to brag, but Jon was a champion bowler and has way too many trophies to prove it. Tonight however, he was beaten not only by Jackson who also broke his record with 5 strikes in a row, but also by Ashton who informed him she was "born to bowl."

Which brings me to the question and reason I am missing Michael Scott and Joy, despite the fact that he has to be at work in less than 8 hours, my 35 year old husband is practicing his tennis game! I am sitting here ALONE (did I mention that already?) listening to the ping-ping occasionally broken up with a shout of, "I got my skill level up to 25!". Sad, sad, sad.

Will the Blogger...

When I was publishing my "Wordless Wednesday" post I noticed a post that had been saved as a rough draft. It said:

Anytime he is allowed in the kitchen, Will climbs up to the desk and starts pecking at the keys on my laptop. He is actually really gentle and looks at the screen and moves his little fingers just like he is typing. However, I did not realize that his talents extended to somehow starting then saving a post on my blog??? Looks like I'll have a co-author on my blog before long. It would actually be a lot of help because I certainly can't keep up (I'm downloading 747 pictures to my computer right now!).

Obviously, I couldn't simply delete his sweet little typing. I just hope he's not mad that I published his rough draft??? I hope he didn't have more to say or I could be in trouble!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Flashback Friday...

Looking back at these pictures make me so sad. I wish I could go back in time!!!

I don't know what I miss more Wiggles fascination that extended to pj's, constant dressing up, or these awesome poses!
Buying this coat for my little girl was a dream come true and she was gorgeus and a little mischievious according to that look...
One of the best photos- EVER!

I love Flashback Friday especially on night I can't sleep and am on my bedroom computer with all the old pictures!

Favorite Foto Friday: A Tribute...

to my wonderful friend Kyla, a true diva ( in the good sense, unless you're beating her at a game:)
A classic fashionista...
And, most of all, a great mom and great friend and hopefully a very forgiving soul...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

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Thank You Wi*ii Fit...

for teaching us the yoga tree pose, not to mention a little team work along the way.
Please disregard the clothes everywhere. Wesley has decided his new favorite game is to pull all of my clean laundry off the couch and run across the room carrying it, laughing the entire time. Unfortunately, he even does it to the clothes I have already folded!
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Hold That Thought...

Please disregard my former post. I thought I was worried about his love of cars, but this rockin' boy is much scarier!
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Oh, Help Me...

I'm thinking it is time to start a car fund for the Willster! This boy is a car lovin' wild man!

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Who Says Boys Don't Like Kitchen Sets?

This is the boys' new favorite pasttime. They all like to knock it over and ride it like a horse. At least we're getting our money's worth!
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Well, Hello Officer...

No, nothing is wrong here. We're all OK. No, I was not aware that someone in my house had called 911 and was still on the line. However, I have two 1 year olds so who knows who it could have been. Yes, please do come in and feel free to look around. Yes, here is the phone on the floor still dialed to 911. I think it was probably the little, quiet one, but that one had the phone earlier. Yes, I assure you we are OK. Thank you for parking behind the bush and sneaking up to the house. I am really, really sorry to have bothered you and tied up the 911 line. I will put the phone up this minute. Thanks again. Have a good day!

Wow, I really wish I had picked up the house a little today. I wonder what 911 operators heard me yelling at the children in the last 20 minutes, hmmm...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday With Will...

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Birthday Bash...

We had Gram and GranBobby over for their birthday lunch along with Uncie Tyler. Of course, nothing is more fun at a get together than rockin' our to Rock Band. All families do this right?

Since GranBobby is always wowing us with a "new" joke, we decided to make him his own joke book full of some new material. The jokes were picked out and illustrated by Jackson and Ashton, of course.
I was pretty proud of my gift to them. I made a book on Phot*oWorks of our trip to Gatlinburg. I thought it came out really good. I need to make more of these. It was so fast and fun.
We saved the best part of the day for last. Jon entertained the crowd with his wicked moves on Jackson's Ripstick. Well, we all were entertained but maybe not in the way he intended!
A fun Sunday afternoon complete with leftovers so I didn't have to cook that night, a beautiful thing!
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My New Discovery...

I am really excited about this show I found out about while blog lurking some homeschooling blog. It is called Jelly Telly. It is by the creator of Veggie Tales. It's like a Muppet Show for God! They have a new show you can watch online every day. Then on weekends they have a movie for free. It used to be a subscription thing, but they are offering it for free for at least the next few months. My kids and I watched 2 episodes this morning and they were really funny. While I was fixing breakfast I heard them in there giggling, but the great thing about it is it has a lot of humor for adults too so we're both laughing! The really, really great thing is it tells them about God. This morning there was a pirate puppet teaching different pirate dances then it switched to a silly song about the book of Deuteronomy, perfect! Their premise is that this generation of kids spends an hour or 2 of week at church and three hours a day watching TV. So, they've embraced the concept and made the TV honor God- perfect! They also have games the kids can play, but we haven't checked them out yet. So, click on the link above and let your kids check it out. Let me know if you like it :)