Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Glimpse of Things to Come???

A few weeks ago while we were at the ballpark, Jackson saw one of the little girls in his class. Now this wasn't a little girl that he had a little crush on or anything though she is beautiful. In fact, I think they have butted heads a bit at times. Like me though she must be a sucker for a uniform because she couldn't stop staring at him. This is him playing catcher and her in the pink just staring: You know I had to take a picture because this was quite a milestone: his first girl fan! I might know a couple really well who pretty much fell in love at the ballpark, got married and had 4 kids, but I digress.

The cutest part was how supportive she was. When he was in the dugout she stood there and said, "You can do it Jackson" over and over. He acts like it wasn't a big deal, but I think he was standing a little taller! All the other boys were asking him if she was his girlfriend which of course he denied! Then one of the excellent roll model dads said, "Wow, Jackson your girlfriend is hot!" Nice parenting huh?

My little man and the first of many women to adore him, I'm sure. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I want to be a super nice mother-in-law like mine, but you have to be a little jealous that some girl is going to take your number 1 place in his life. Oh well, surely I have another good 10 years to worry about that! For now I'll just be proud of myself for catching this milestone on my camera!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Prayin' With Tig...

After Jackson's ballgame Tuesday night I was teasing Pop (Jon's dad) that now that he has retired he should come be a reading volunteer at our school. You have to know Pop to know how funny that is. Being around a bunch of kids would probably not be his ideal retirement activity. I think he's still kind of freaked out that we have given him 7 grandkids! Anyway, I was trying to sweeten the pot so I told him that the volunteer brings a dog named Tig for the kids to read to. The premise is that the dog won't pass judgement when they stumble or miss a word. I think it's very sweet and my sweet little students' faces glow when they come back from being with him! But Jon the apple didn't fall far from Pop the tree so they just set to making jokes about it, i.e.: "Doesn't he tell them that was ruff, ruff." Now you see where Jon gets his sense of humor!

Fast forward 3 hours and Jon and I are lying in bed talking since all 4 kids were asleep and we could actually hear ourselves think. I asked him to pray for us. Let's just say he said two things and suddenly paused and amen-ed. I apparently snickered at him because he said, "I need to go pray with Tig. At least he won't judge me."

We got so tickled and lay there giggling and making more jokes instead of getting much needed sleep. Yes, I learned my lesson: I should stop judging my husband's prayers. I intend to work on that in the future, but that night I informed him that even Tig would agree that that prayer was "ruff".

Isn't he lucky he found me :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How Do You Spell Gym...

I never knew how much I loved Fall Break until I went back to teaching. We had a great one, until today anyway. Wednesday night we took the kids to Grandmother's and camped out. It was so fun. Jordan even came up and the kids all had fun with glow sticks, flashlight tag and our magic powder that made the fire change colors! Of course, the twins and I slept inside, but Jon and the big kids braved the great outdoors all night.

Thursday we mostly spent washing children and napping to recover from being in the great outdoors all night. Friday the big kids went to Nana-palooza while Jon and I enjoyed some alone time with the twins and put away 7 weeks worth of laundry, literally.

Today Jon was hunting, the kids were still with Nana and Pop so the wee ones and I had some rare time together. Should have been fun, but I ended up with a stomach virus and Wesley is apparently getting sick. They both stayed on me all day long. It really makes me think they've been missing me since I went back to work! So, overall a rather blah day, but I did get some great snuggling which is always a good thing.

Then about 7:00 the kids were delivered home from Nana-palloza with a list of things they had done that would rival any festival. I'm not making this up: bowling, Pump It Up, Chuck E. Cheese, movie renting, merry-go-round, car show, Build a Bear, and Pie in the Sky complete with dough to play with. Can you imagine how tired not to mention incredibly broke poor Nana is? I think the kids just ate, jumped, bowled, stuffed and rode away our inheritance!

So, my favorite story was that the two big kindergartners, Ashton and Logan, were in the back seat discussing what their favortie specials were at school when Logan asked Ashton, "How do you spell gym?" Without missing a beat my genious daughter replied, "P.E."

Works for me!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

At Least She Was Honest...

Ashton and I in the car today:

A: Mommy when we get home do we have to take a nap?

Me: Yes, you do.

A: Mommy did you know when I take a nap I really like to lock my door. It keeps me from being disturbed.

Me: I think you like to lock your door so I don't see you drawing and playing instead of napping.

long pause and big sigh....

A: I'm going to be honest with you, that is what I do, but at least I'm being quiet!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jackson's Prayer...

"Dear God, thank you for making me so smart that I passed my spelling pretest. Thank you for helping me be on list 3."

Apparently, the child is proud to be on the challenging list!