Friday, March 27, 2009

Reason #189 Why Twins Are Fun...

While you change one baby's dirty diaper the other stands right beside you saying, "EWWW, poooo pooooo".

Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Double Haircut...

Wesley had never had a haircut before because I am horrified at the thought of cutting off those beautiful curls! I'm also afraid they're just baby hair and won't come back. Jon says it looks like he has a mullet, but I totally disagree. We finally decided to at least get it trimmed on top.

Here he is saying, "Just trim a little around the ears."
This is the very patient barber collecting a curl for the plastic bag the crazy mommy brought to collect a sample of his first haircut.

Here he is saying, "Hey, that didn't hurt at all!" And yes this is post-haircut. I told you we weren't cutting much!

Then it was Will's turn. This boy REALLY needed a haircut. Remember what he looked like before:
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And the handsome after. He actually sat still and let his hair be cut which was night and day from his acrobats last time. We could not get over how different he looked. When we got home I walked into a room and for a split second wondered who this child was!

So, our first of many double haircuts.

Getting all these boys' hair cut is getting expensive. Can anyone teach me how to do it myself? Never mind, I'll just get on e*bay and order me a fl*wbee! (Does anyone remember those that hook to your vacuum and cut your hair?)

Monday, March 9, 2009

This One is For Mawmaw...

Mawmaw is always telling me what a climber I was when I was little, especially climbing from her coffee table to the couch and back again. Apparently I am reaping what I sow...

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Of course, Wesley takes it up a notch. He stands on the back of the couch and messes with the thermostat. We never know when the air or heat will come on!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

That's All Wesley Needs...

A bowl of Cheerios + a dinosaur + an episode of Word World= 1 happy Wessie!
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Granda's School of Deviance...

When school is out my dad always has Granda Day. For those of you who are new to the blog, they do fun things like explode stuff, tear things up with hammers, and play in big mud holes. I had the great idea of making t-shirts for him and all the kids that said "Granda's School of Deviance: Come Clean, Leave Dirty." With the help of the wonderful Carpenter's Press we had matching red tie dye for all the grandkids...
and of course Granda's was in his signature black. Will did not want to pose for the picture, but I look forward to getting some better shots this summer in the hammock or more realistically, the mud hole!
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Happy Valentine's Day...

Jon took advantage of the Publix parking lot flower shop and brought this bouquet home for Ashton "and me". I mean really did he think we'd want to share? Did he actually think she would share? Did he really think I'd buy that they were for me at all when he's bought her more flowers in 5 years than he's bought me in the 17 years we've been together? I'm just kidding. I really didn't mind. I love that he loves her so well and is teaching her to have really high standards for the boy she will meet one day!
If only she didn't enjoy showing them off so much :)
As we sat down for our Valentine's breakfast everyone had to go around the table to tell 3 things they loved about everybody. It was so funny because when it got to be time to tell the twins what we loved about them they both covered their faces like they were so embarassed! It was so cute!
Like on most non-hunting-season-Saturdays Jon and Ashton made pancakes. Of course, today they were heart shaped!
Then everyone piled on the couch for their gifts.
When they all opened their eyes to find swords in their hands the mayhem began, but hey I asked for it, thank you Target dollar bin!
It was also a Lifeway kind of day. Ashton got a princess devotional and Jackson got a baseball one. Will got a Veggie Tales CD and Welsey got a PraiseBaby one. Of course, in this picture Will is excited over his dollar bin place mat!
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I love Saturdays at home!

A Boy and His Dog...

I hate the dog hair everywhere. I hate the muddy footprints in my kitchen. I hate drips from where he drinks out of the toilet.
Then I see my boy with his dog and it's all worth it!

Besides, he does a great job cleaning up all the food the twins throw on the floor!
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Benda What, Benda Who...

We are now the proud owners of Bendaroos, those wonderful things that run constant commercials between the kids' favorite TV shows. Now thanks to wonderful Aunt Donnie they now adorn my walls and cover my floors! That't OK though because I have big plans on using them for teaching things like spelling words and vocab practice. Who has the last laugh now? After I peel them off the walls of course!
I thought Jackson's was creative though. He said his J looks like a hook so he made a fish hanging off of it! It reminded me of when he was 2 and my mom and I started teaching him how to spell his name and we told him to make "a hook and a line." Now I'm teaching him multiplication! Now those dumb wax covered Bendaroos are going to make me cry!
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Sometimes It's Rough Having a Sister...

Will LOVES to dress up. Soon he will be the kid you see at the grocery in full on Superman attire. He wanted to put on the princess apron set so big sis helped him out a little...
He loved it and seemed to know how cute he was.
He first played peek-a-boo at a ridiculously young age of a couple of months and still loves it...
Has anyone seen an adorable boy around?
Well, now you have! :)
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Friday, March 6, 2009

A Warm Kind of Day...

When it was warm one day we headed to Grandmother's to have some outdoor playtime. Jon was out of town and I need help to be able to take the twins outside because they always run different directions! Everyone joined us and it was a lot of fun. Normally, Will refuses to make eye contact with Granda, but he was a big fan of being thrown in the air!

My little model!
A couch full of wiggly kiddos.
Grandmother's stairs are always the perfect place for pictures (except for the time at that family reunion where everyone fell through the porch!). Families have been taking pictures on this porch for 177 years now!
Granda and Ashton had a little hat mix up-yikes!
Posted by PicasaI love being on "the hill" when it feels like spring and being surrounded by my family makes it even better!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Baby is 8???!!!!

I can't believe that my little baby is 8! I was having a hard enough time with that fact and then Jon said, "He's half way to 16!" Then it got a lot harder! I feel like I've let this birthday slip up on us because of all the sickness. I still got to do our favorite family tradition of making them cinammon rolls in the shape of their new number!

When Jon got off work we suprised Jackson by heading off to OpryMills and the RainForest restauraunt for dinner. He was very excited.
Since they weren't busy and he was the birthday boy, he got to choose where he wanted to sit. He chose by the elephants and we got a great seat.

Unfortuantely, right when we sat down the "thunderstorm" started and the elephants started trumpeting. The twins went crazy. It was so funny and sad at the same time. They would no longer sit in their highchairs so Jon and I had them hanging all over us the entire time we were eating- just like a bunch of monkeys, how appropriate!

Daddy calmed them down by walking around and looking at all the fish. We are really looking forward to taking them to an aquaruim soon!
I look like I have my own little monkey troop, hey wait I do!
Jackson had a great time and even let us tell the waitress it was his birthday. They came out yelling "voooooolcanoooooo" because of the great dessert we ordered and then sang to him. He was so cute about it! Then we amazingly forgot all the germs spreading around and all 6 of us dug into that huge dessert!

Will was loving on or strangling the birthday boy one!

Then our next stop was a place he loves so much and the smell of which makes me quesy: Stingray Reef. He loves this place. He could feed shrimp to these things all day long (and it felt like he did!). Oh yeah, and he smelt like he did! The first one he fed actually bit him, but that didn't stop him!

Luckily, Daddy particiapted with him because I was not up for smelling like that! This place is neat because the things will really come up out of there and splash you like crazy!
What did the other 4 of us do? Ride the merry-go-round, of course! Will rode the first time but was not a fan so this is the second ride with the happy kids.
We stayed there probably an hour and when we finally convinced the birthday boy to leave he informed me that he wants to work there. It was almost like he already did because when new people would come in he talked to every one of them showing them how to hold the food and where to pet them. They all were really impressed by his knowledge, and I was amazed that he has no fear of talking to people, even teaching them! If this child does not grow up to do something with animals I will be beyond shocked.
My daughter on the other hand... This picture pretty much sums up both their feelings on the subject:
Posted by PicasaWe really had a great birthday celebration. I even got to buy the kids Easter outfits which is exciting for me! After we left we went to Wally World where Jackson got to pick out a new bike (and we even convinced him to get the cheapest one- yeah us!). He was thrilled to end his birthday riding through the aisles at Walma*rt, every boys' dream!