Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Jonzwa...

Poor Jon didn't exactly have the best birthday as I was so sick. So, the kids and I did our best to make up for it the next week. We even made him a camo cake:

Of course, it wasn't as fancy as he would've made but I thought it ended up looking pretty cool.

Ashton and Jackson also made a birthday banner and there was some pretty cute singing going on as well.

I know he dreamed 37 would find him surrounded by 4 kids but God has a fun way of surprising us doesn't he? I just can't wait to see what surprises God will have him surrounded by at 67!

Happy b-day to the best daddy I know, a pun-ny guy and my bestest friend for 22 years now!

Monday, February 7, 2011

God Smiling...

This morning I snuck away to my bedroom to have my quiet time. I'm doing a wonderful study by Kay Arthur about prayer. I was sitting cross legged on my bed face down in prayer. As is usually the case, my sweet Will found me. He loves his mommy and always seems to find me when I'm trying to sneak away :)
Apparently I wasn't paying him enough attention so he climbed on my back. He was having a great time pretending I was his horsey. Meanwhile, I'm trying to worship and have, well a quiet time while being swayed back and forth. Just when I felt myself almost starting to be a little annoyed with the stay home mom's constant frustration, "Can't I have one moments peace?"
Just before I went there, in a "sweet kiss" out of the blue God spoke to me, "A little over 10 years ago you were lying in this same prone position crying out to me because there was only one line on the test again. I heard your cry and answered your prayer."
The hardest period of my life was when we were struggling with infertility. It was the greatest test to my faith and the closest I have ever felt to God. I wouldn't change that period of being in the valley for anything because oh how it makes the Promised Land that much sweeter!
God's timing was, as always, perfect. As Jon and I laugh about- "He did exceedingly abundantly above that which we asked of Him."
And the little monkey on my back was proof number 3 of 4 of answered prayer! I think God looked down on this frazzled mommy with a giggler on her back and smiled today. I could feel Him smiling like a proud Papa at what He had done for me. I think He laughed and forgave my distracted prayer and said, "It is good."
And I was again reminded that HE is good, all.the.time.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011