Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Her Feelings Can Best Be Expressed in the From Of...

If any of you are SNL fans you will remember Molly Shannon's character always had a monologue from some after school special. Our daughter isn't quite well versed in SNL language yet. However, when she got mad at Jon at bedtime one night she also chose an artistic form of self-expression. He heard her door open, she slammed something down, and slammed her door shut. He came downstairs carrying this to show me how she felt about him:

It was a little scary on several levels- the speed with which she whipped it out and slammed it down, but mostly the fact that that is one of her favorite stuffed animals squished in there to hold up the note! Poor innocent Frenchy had to pay for Jon's "meanness".

Of course, I'm sure now that she got that out of her system there won't ever be any more door slamming around here, right? Girls aren't like that at all, right?

(That's what I told Jon so he'd be able to sleep that night- shhhh....)