Thursday, November 27, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Help Me, Seriously, Help Me...

Wesley is back into pulling hair and with a vengance! Usually when they stand at the gate while I'm in the kitchen Wesley hauls off and pulls Will's hair. I'm talking to the point poor Will's entire body is bent backwards! It's horrible. If I tell him "no" or take his hand off he just laughs. I have held his hands to his side in a "time out". Today I even (gasp) smacked his little hand on the 5th time. He cried for a split second then laughed wickedly.

So, help me! Please leave me a commet and tell me how to discipline a 15 month old, or two:)
Yes, I realize I have had two before but never at the same time! I swear I have forgotten more than I have remembered about parenting my other two (or else would I have tried for a third?? just kidding :).

Any suggestion would be appreciated!

Mom of one bully and one soon to be bald child!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Age Old Debate...

Since I now consider my job pretty much over since there is just one day left, I now have to give you the take on the whole working thing: quite simply I am amazed at how working mothers manage. First off, let me clarify that I in no way think that being a stay-at-home mom is in any way easy. I know how spent and defeated one can feel when faced with constant needs and endless laundry. However, when I was working the constant needs didn't stop nor did the laundry (I will seriously be doing 12 weeks worth of laundry this next week!).

Now I do have to say that the working woman has the amazing blessing of adult conversation. Don't underestimate it's power. I had forgotten how great it is to make new friends and get to talk to them over lunch. Sure, in the teaching profession it's basically a 15 minute lunch but being professionals we managed to sneak lots of laughs in.

I think whether you're a working or a workin' at homer it's just hard. A couple of weeks from now as I change yet another dirty diaper I'm sure I will be longing for those rushed lunches in a 2nd grade classroom, but for the next week here are the things I will not take for granted (and God bless those working because I don't know how they do it):

1. Making phone calls during the day. Sure some are just to chat but especially the business ones there are no time for when working.
2. A long quiet time. Yes, I'm admitting this fell to the wayside as I hurried to get 5 people fed dressed and 5 lunches packed in the mornings. Sadly, I lost it when I probably needed it most.
3. The possibility of a nap. They rarely happen. Jon and I have a term for it: "The Perfect Storm" of all 4 kids asleep or quietly engaged.
4.Wearing my embarassing well-loved pajamas ALL DAY!
5. Lying in the floor and being climbed like a jungle gym by two beautiful, funny 1 year olds.
6. Blogging. Enough said.
7. Having lunch with my husband.
8. Stealing 5 minutes here and there to read for pleasure.
9. Being able to leave my family at night for fun (hopefully scrapbooking one day) without guilt.
10. PERHAPS having the energy to cook.
11. Getting to be with my kids when they are sick instead of seeing if anyone else can or spending 2 hours planning for a sub!
12. HGTV
13. Shopping when Kroger is empty.
14. Eating what I feel like from my fridge instead of what I had time to grab in the morning.
15. Sitting down, sounds simple but it's glorious.

So, here's my final 10 cents worth (and that's probably all it's worth): Having done both, for me anyway, the difference was:

Being a working mother is physically exhausting. Working all day and going non-stop only to come home and without a break start the dinner, bath, homework and bedtime ritual after which you keep working to prepare to start all over again the next day. It makes me want to lie down and cry just thinking about it. Not to mention those many nights when Jon was out of town and I had to do it by myself (I can't even imagine what it must be like to be a single mom. I'm not worthy to even write about them!). Thinking about it now I have no idea how I survived it. I guess it's one of those things when you look back and realize God was carrying you, which reminds me I need to pray for my working friends more!

For me on the other hand, being a stay-at-home mom is mentally exhausting. With the absence of adult conversation (for me any way) I have conversation with myself in which I beat myself up with guilt that the house isn't perfect and the kids had cheese and turkey for lunch again today. Somehow my value as a person becomes tied to my competency as a housekeeper/perfect mom and I see myself as a complete failure. Working allowed me to be much easier on myself because I felt like I had a certain job to do that was attainable or else I was too tired to guilt myself.

"For everything there is a season..." Yet again God has blessed me with an opportunity that I hope to use for His glory. For now, I choose to go back home, but hope to be a much better friend and much more empathetic to my working friends. I pray that I will see opportunites and take advantage of them to lend a helping hand to those who need it, whether it be physically or mentally!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3 and a Half, But I'm Not Counting...

So, I have that many days left in my interim. I am sad in a way. I have made some great friends there and am really going to miss hanging out with adults! I also feel really lucky to have this time with my big kids. A major reason I took this position was to get to spend time just the 3 of us since they have given up so much of me for the twins. It has been great being such an integral part of their school lives. Of course, I'm about to be an even more integral part, but more about that later. I will also miss my students who I have come to love and will continue to pray for. I'd also forgotten that cool rock star feeling teachers get when a student sees you outside of school and gets so excited!

All that said, I am ready to be home again. I hope not to take some things for granted like nap time, grocery shopping during the day, lunch with my husband, being able to make phone calls, or getting a chance to rest-ever!

Naps aside, I just want to be with my babies. They are at an awesome age right now. Every day they are doing new cute stuff an saying new words every day (They can both say "one", Will says "akson" for Jackson, today Wesley said "Will" and my favorite is when Wesley points at the big kids and says, "now". At least he listens when we're fussing at them!). Plus, my tough Welsey is starting to have seperation anxiety. Will has long had this but now Wesley freaks out every time I get close to a door. Saturday I had to hold him all day because he would get upset if he couldn't see me. Sunday night at church he cried harder than I've ever seen him, and I had to go get him (I've never had to do that before with any of my kids.). If you know me, you know this causes me unending guilt that this is happening since I went back to work. I look forward to holding them as much as they want or will let me!

All the cute kids aside, obviously I mostly miss you my faithful blog readers! I will be back soon with my (literally) 12oo pictures I haven't had a chance to download since becoming a working mother! Don't worry, I'm too lazy to share quite that many!

See ya'll in 3 and a half...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Sad, Sad Day...

I am really missing the ability and time to blog. What little time I have these days as a busy working mom I spend surfing the internet and reading blogs but miss writing in mine.

Tonight I sit here so sad, yes my friends I am tear-filled because... my laptop died! How many cute pics do I have to share but am relegated to borrowing my husband's work laptop, and it ain't the same.

OK, so really the tears are from watching an American hero concede that he has lost the election, but since I really can't let myself think about and worry about that, instead I'll focus on missing my little silver friend that couldn't take a 1 year old knocking it off the couch one more time. Though I will never forget my sweet silver friend who helped me keep my sanity through the long trial of bedrest. Then as I was the only one up at 3 a.m. with 2 babies it kept me company. When I couldn't figure out how to get out much with 4 children it allowed me to keep up with friends.

Anywho, I am choosing to step out on faith and looking at the bright side:
1. Maybe I can get a green or pink one next!
2. Our new leader would have probably redistributed the wealth of my laptop anyway :)